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  Выставка CTT 2010 Выставка Bauma 2010 Пластиковая карта

11th International Exhibition

Construction Equipment & Technologies ’ 2010

June, 1-5, 2010, Moscow. International Exhibition Center CROCUS EXPO

Выставка CTT 2010 As company Liebherr considers the exhibition Munich BAUMA as Liebherr’s exhibition, as well for cranes GALICHANIN and KLINTSY CTT exhibition is their exhibition.

СТТ - Construction Equipment & Technologies is the largest exhibition-demonstration of construction technics, the equipment and technologies in Russia, the CIS countries and the Eastern Europe which annually collects leading manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment and services.

As usually the greatest quantity models of cranes are planned to demonstration at the incorporated stand Galich and Klintsy mobile cranes factories. Such statistics reflects an objective situation in the market of load-lifting technics (Galich and Klintsy mobile cranes factories have the widest range of cranes). In this our companies will show about 20 models of cranes. New model – truck cranes GALICHANIN 80 tons capacity will head our exposition.

Representatives of Bonus-K-Resurs company will traditionally take part in stand work:

  • General director Golubev Vladimir;

  • Chief of a sales department Pusiroff Ivan;

  • Senior engineer of a sales department Kuznetsov Alexey;

  • Senior engineer of a sales department Goroholsky Roman;

  • Chief of supply department Koptelov Michael;

  • Imp & Exp manager Teryoshina Tamara;

  • Crane operator of a sales department of Ionov Andrey;

  • Expert of a bureau of delivery Jakunkin Alexey .

    We invite to visit ourstand E-2/6 - Е-3/10

    On May, 15 Exhibition «Construction Architecture and Construction branch’ 2010 (CAC)» (Ivanovo)

    Products of Galich and Klintsy mobile cranes factories has well proved in the market of construction technics for many years. Truck cranes GALICHANIN and KLINTSY do not require additional advertising. But a basic line of a management of holding is the attentive relation to consumers, real and potential buyers. Participation in exhibitions is a necessary condition of such relation. Exhibitions is one of channels of a feedback with the consumer. During exhibition experts of the enterprise communicate with visitors, reveal preferences, wishes of the maintaining organisations, receive the information from "first-hand" about quality of our cranes and of products of other manufacturers, about the questions demanding improvement.

    Cranes GALICHANIN and KLINTSY participate in the largest exhibitions, such as BAUMA and СТТ. But Galich and Klintsy manufacturer concern and regional exhibitions with the same attention.

    On May, 13-14th, 2010 in exhibition centre "TEXTILES-PROFY" in of Ivanovo 4th inter-regional exhibition «Building Architecture and Стройиндустрия ’ 2010» has taken place.

    On the given exhibition the regional marketing centre Galich and Klintsy mobile cranes factories, Bonus-K-Resurs company has presented three models of truck cranes:

    • КС-65713-1 GALICHANIN load-carrying capacity 50 tons;

    • КС-55713-1 GALICHANIN load-carrying capacity 25 tons;

    • КС-55713-5К KLINTSY load-carrying capacity 25 tons.

    Such choice of models is not casual. All these models of cranes well were on sale even in crisis 2009:

    • КС-65713-1 GALICHANIN 50t has the best technical and operational characteristics (in group of 50 t); this model is the leader on a sales volume in 2009 (in comparison with cranes 50 tons of other Russian manufacturers);
    • КС-55713-1 GALICHANIN 25t - a unique parity of reliability crane, the serial automobile chassis and a competitive price;
    • КС-55713-5К KLINTSY 25t - the model constantly claimed by the enterprises (including oil-gas companies); it is necessary for these companies - reliable cranes on the cross-country chassis.

    Positive feature of regional exhibitions is following. Crane operators (the people directly operating cranes) as well as heads of the regional construction companies visit such exhibitions. Their opinion, their practice and experience are very important and are considered in work Galich and Klintsy mobile cranes factories.

    BAUMA ’ 2010. GALICHANIN and KLINTSY. The first results of an exhibition.

    The exhibition passed from April, 19 till April, 25th. And though the first exhibition days passed during an active phase of action of the Icelandic volcano, representatives (experts) practically from all countries, aspiring to visit the given global action, have found ways to arrive to Munich. The Russian construction technics have been presented on BAUMA ’ 2010 by truck cranes GALICHANIN and crawler crane RDK-36 KLINTSY. Representatives of Bonus-K-Resurs company have taken part in work of the incorporated stand Galich and Klintsy mobile cranes factories.

    Products of Galich and Klintsy mobile cranes factories has caused a keen interest in visitors of the stand. Many thousand visitors from tens of countries have examined the presented technics, have received answers to questions have received additional information (catalogues), did photos.

    Within the limits of exhibition days employees of the stand had been came into contacts to heads about 200 companies from 51 countries.

    Planning of participation on BAUMA ’ 2010 initially the calculation was on increasing of sales of Galich and Klintsy technics in the countries of the third world. And, really, representatives of India, Brazil, Iran, Peru, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and many-many other countries "occupied" our stand, discussed technical, commercial, logistical questions of the future cooperation with a holding management. But also many European companies do not wish to overpay for a brand. They want to buy the reliable technics for competitive prices (crisis has learnt people to calculate money in Europe). Huge interest to Galich and Klintsy cranes in Europe has defined a movement vector. And today some models of Galich and Klintsy cranes undergo CE-certification procedure. Reception of the given document will open the road to the countries of the European Union for cranes GALICHANIN and KLINTSY.

    BAUMA ’ 2010. GALICHANIN and KLINTSY. Principal cause of success in Munich.

    The existence actually only one difference of truck crane КС-65721 GALICHANIN and crawler crane RDK-36 KLINTSY from the West European analogues has defined huge interest to the given technics exhibited at the world's largest specialised exhibition of construction technics BAUMA ’ 2010.

    Truck cranes GALICHANIN and crawler crane RDK-36 KLINTSY (shown on the world's largest specialised exhibitions of construction technics BAUMA ’ 2010) are technics of world level. The project of the crawler crane has been created in Germany. Technical constructive decisions on cranes GALICHANIN and KLINTSY are realised with the account of modern lines of world crane branch. All basic units, components, the materials (used by manufacture) are from the Western Europe (the Swedish high-strength steel, German pipes, the Italian hydraulics etc.). Technical characteristics do not concede to the western analogues, and often and surpass them.

    Really, there is only one basic difference of truck crane КС-65721 GALICHANIN and crawler crane RDK-36 KLINTSY from the West European analogues. It is the price. The price (offered Galich and Klintsy manufacturers) is very competitive (in 2,5-3 times below the prices offered by the West European manufacturers).

    Combination of these two factors (high quality and a competitive price) is the keystone to success of cranes GALICHANIN and KLINTSY on the market.

    BAUMA’2010. GALICHANIN and KLINTSY. Cross-country vehicles are necessary everywhere (even in the Western Europe).

    The world's largest specialised exhibition of construction technics BAUMA ’ 2010 passes in Munich every three years. The given exhibition in a circle of experts does not demand additional presentations. World leaders-manufacturers of construction technics show the production, the novelties, the achievements during the given exhibition. For the first time at an exhibition of such level the Russian cranes have been presented. Cranes GALICHANIN and KLINTSY did it deservedly. The structure of an exposition of the incorporated stand Galich and Klintsy mobile cranes factories included also truck crane КС-55729-5В GALICHANIN on chassis KamAZ-63501(8х8). The speciality of the given car is the combination of good technical and operational characteristics of the crane with unique possibilities of the chassis to move actually without roads.

    Seven days of work at an exhibition have shown, that interest to the given car is great not only in the countries with a specific environment (desert, tundra, snow fields, a mountainous landscape), but also in the West European countries where there are not big problem with roads (each corner of the earth is equipped for a long time).

    Galich and Klintsy manufacturers offer (at will of the buyer) additional adaptation of truck cranes to work in special climatic conditions (mainly high or, on the contrary, low temperatures). It is one more competitive advantage of cranes GALICHANIN and KLINTSY.

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